Friday, October 12, 2007

Three Part Invention - not by Bach

I haven't posted for a while, but when I realized that I had a few minutes to spare, thought I'd just pop in for a bit. Upon seeing Polymer Clay Daily, one of my favorite sites, I saw Loretta Lam's work. In it I saw a piece that reminded me of something that I have been making for quite a while, although it's not quite the same. I call this the Three Part Bangle, because it's exactly that, a rounded bangle cut into three with some co-ordinating spacers. It actually came about because I had "miscut" a two-part bangle and couldn't deal with the thought of having to scrap the original piece. When I realized it might be the start of something new, I made a whole series of them. They are for the most part on the arms of others now, but I did find one that was hidden away in a box. In getting ready for the fall sales, I think I just may do several more like this, in different colour themes.

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