Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where in the World?

It seems like ages since I posted here and the reasons are many. I have been "away" visiting and when I returned, we experienced some serious computer problems.
Not having a computer for a couple of days was almost refreshing, but after a week, we came to realize how much we depend on it. The time not spent on the computer did give me a chance to make this book though.
As for the cover of the book, I realize that some of the countries and their placement isn't all that accurate. I "made" the continents by tearing bits of ivory colored clay and adhering them to the cover. A few of them got a bit stretched or misshaped in the process. If I had spent hours on the laborious aspect of the geography it would never have been finished. Now...just to find the time and resources to take a world trip to fill the journal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This makes me feel like dancin'

After not having done any real claying at my table in over two weeks, I don't know if I feel guilty or if I feel like dancing! Actually I've had a great time visiting, attending weddings, demonstrating, beaching, writing lessons and everything except sitting and claying.

August has been filled with some wonderful visits, some far and some only an hour away, but they have all been a wonderful break from the usual. I guess what made the trips so wonderful was the time I spent with people who are very dear to me; most of whom I have known for many, many years. So, it was great to see them all and do fun things.

I returned home yesterday and reviewed my date book. I looked through the posters which separate the weeks in it and came across this one which I had to post, because I love its colours. They reminded me of a garment my friend bought yesterday. She'll be taking it on her cruise which leaves from London in about a week. The colours are so vibrant and they look wonderful on her. I am sure her cruise will be fabulous too. It's not your typical Caribbean or Mediterranean one...she is visiting the Shetland Islands, some Scandinavian countries (including GREENLAND!) then Iceland, and then she heads for St. John's NF, and finally to New York where she'll visit friends in nearby Connecticut. It sounds like a great vacation and I am sure she and her husband will have a wonderful time as they celebrate their anniversary.

I will be content to sit at my clay table and play with these colours. I may have just about as much fun!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good Morning, Sunshine

Now that the two sides of this sun are visible, I am going to have to bid this work goodbye.
The entire hanging is about 3 1/2 feet long and the focal part is approximately 11 inches across. It barely fit into the oven! I let the finished work hang in our family room yesterday for a few hours just to see how it looked, and much as I would like to keep it there, or somewhere else in the place, it has to go.
I'm not going to suffer any separation anxiety...after having watched the first hour of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics I am in awe, and eager to go and sit at the clay table and work on an idea that inspired me. Actually, the whole production is incredible and I'd love to start doing many things...just goes to show that creativity, in whatever field you work in is boundless.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot August Nights and Days

Back to work after a couple of days of R and R. Whatever that means. Mostly we were riding and repacking, or so it seemed. We really didn't travel that far, but did enjoy some lovely warm weather and some beautiful (for the prairies at least) scenery. Even had a chance to dip Molly's toes into one of the lakes at Detroit Lakes, near a resort we regularly visited many years ago. We always went there in August and I recall the weather was pleasantly warm, like it is today.
I had a commission to do a sun face hanging for this weekend and it is nearly done. Hot as it has been I didn't bake it on the sidewalk, tee hee, but hope that the piece reflects the warmth of our summer, which started out rather cool, but has become gorgeous with lots of sun but not stifling.
Now to get back to finishing off the piece...Wonder what the other side of the sun looks like?