Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where in the World?

It seems like ages since I posted here and the reasons are many. I have been "away" visiting and when I returned, we experienced some serious computer problems.
Not having a computer for a couple of days was almost refreshing, but after a week, we came to realize how much we depend on it. The time not spent on the computer did give me a chance to make this book though.
As for the cover of the book, I realize that some of the countries and their placement isn't all that accurate. I "made" the continents by tearing bits of ivory colored clay and adhering them to the cover. A few of them got a bit stretched or misshaped in the process. If I had spent hours on the laborious aspect of the geography it would never have been finished. Now...just to find the time and resources to take a world trip to fill the journal.


Cherylamie said...

only a Canadian would make Greenland that big WEG

Pat Sernyk said...

Well it IS big and least that's what I remember about it! It's a long time since I've visited there (1970) and all I can remember was the Duty Free Shop in the airport there, lol.

Louise said...

L'impression de voyage ou de carte rend ton petit livre très attirant.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Beautiful cover!! This is a fanatstic idea, and it worked brilliantly!!