Friday, September 5, 2008

Little Red Book

I tried something new on this book and was anxious to see what happened after it was finished. That huge "purply" part was originally a detailed inlay but unfortunately after sanding, it lost most of its features. It looks kind of eerie, like some monstrous sea creature with two squarish eyes.

The inside paper is nice though; it's astroparche in a muted shade of coral so it blends nicely with the covers. I purchased several colors of the astroparche when I was in Grand Rapids, MN about a month ago. After visiting my favorite wool and yarn shop in the old school house there, I spied a paper place just across the quadrangle. It didn't carry all that much in the way of specialty papers, but it did have lots of this type which I have used in my books before. It is archival, and somewhat translucent so it provides a nice surface for any type of pen. Of course, the book is "unwritten"...I shall leave the contents up to whomever gets it.

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Cindy S. said...

I love the red book!!