Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Busy and Class Information

Whew! Like a whirlwind is what one might describe the activity around here. No time to even take or post pictures, but I figured I'd better mention what's been keeping us answering the doorbell and the phone simultaneously for the past week.

Hubby's big Fishing Derby and Tournaments are being held this weekend, and entrants are busy signing up. I just checked the weather, and it looks like it is going to be a fine weekend...on the fresh side, but not freezing or raining, so that should make the fish and anglers happy. Hopefully the event will be as fun and as successful as last year's was. The proceeds (after costs) will be divided between the anglers, who stand to win major bucks, and charities. One of the "charities" we'll be supporting is the Manitoba Women's Team Handball ... Gambit is their name. Thanks to them for assisting us in making sure the events run smoothly.

As for Moi, I am up to here in a short-term teaching position, and am trying to help DH out when I can. Clay-wise, I'll again be involved in the Autumn Odyssey on October 4th...a select group of artisans presenting their work in an awesome setting in the Corydon/Lilac District. If you're around, stop by and see the diverse items at Bonnie's.

The following weekend, just prior to our Canadian Thanksgiving, I will be presenting another class at Poco Beads and Creations, in St. Boniface for those with at least a rudimentary knowledge of Polymer Clay. This class coincides with their "pink" time, so I think I will do something in that colour palette for the class. If you need more information about the Saturday, October 11th class, check out their website or give them a call. http://www.pocobeads.com and the number is (204) 219-2528. Poco Créations and Beads, 575 Archibald Street, Winnipeg. Sign up for a limited number of spots available. We'll be using Kato Polyclay and I believe that is one of the few locations in our city where that clay is sold. And if you haven't been to their shop, it is definitely worth taking it in as they have a wonderful selection of beads and jewellery findings. Then, why not go a few blocks further and enjoy a fabulous lunch or dinner at Inferno Bistro. Chef Kirouac always has the best specials and the ambience is hard to match anywhere. I was lucky to enjoy their cuisine at least three times this summer, and even though I had the saumon deux fois, chaque fois c'était une expérience fantastique. Et la serveuse la dernière fois était si gentille.

Hopefully I can post at least one picture this week...

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