Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fishwifery in Batik

Whew! What a busy month this has been...not even time to come up for a gulp of air! I've been wanting to post here, but I didn't have much time for doing polymer clay, and really didn't have any new pictures to post so when my Batik friend Karen sent me these photos of her creations I thought they'd look great here.

Her totally innovative spirit comes through in these batiks...I love the delicious colours of the fish. Hope friend husband (who coincidentally is out catching lunkers today) brings home some equally delicious fillets from his outing with the boys today.

Karen and I are both busy getting ready for a number of sales events coming up soon. Mid October here signals the beginning of the art/craft sales season and both of us have pretty busy schedules with events almost each weekend from now until December. Karen and I are also both going to be doing workshops for the Special Area Groups of Art Teachers in our province later in November. I'd love to sign up for her batik class, but alas, I'll be demonstrating book making in polymer clay on that day. A few of my other arty friends are also going to be giving workshops that day on a variety of topics. There's lots of fun stuff happening out there.

I have one last day of scheduled work to catch up on and I am looking forward to the next three days following when I can actually devote real time to sitting at my clay table. There are lots of items promised to people and I am anxious to get working on them. Stay tuned as I'll be posting photos of the various works in progress and stages of completion.

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