Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer's Events near the Grove

Finally, summer and all the fun events that go with it! I have to keep my calendar at the ready to book all that's happening to keep my schedule straight.
Next Saturday morning, I'll be at the Selkirk Waterfront Market and then the following week at one of the Medea Gallery's Tents during Canada Day Celebrations in Osborne Village. I'm looking forward to both outdoors events and I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.
I have a ton of inventory in various 'in progress' stages, which means anything from conditioned clay to books ready for binding or jewelry needing to be strung or findings added.
Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately), I am just not that kind of 'start to finish' kind of worker. I find that leaving things in different stages makes for a variety of work that I enjoy. It means that I don't get bored doing 'production' type work, because after a few repeats of something, I need to move on to something else.
Of course, working like that has another side to it. It means having to to 'locate' all the bits and pieces that are needed, and sometimes that can be a neat diversion. Getting sidetracked often leads to incorporating new ideas along the way, or using something in a way that it was not originally intended. I doubt that any serious artist or work-driven individual would recommend that modus operandi...Thankfully, I am able to pick up my pieces and shift from one project to the next, just hoping that I will get everything ready for the events on time. And if not, there are always other days.
Hope everyone is enjoying a great start to the Solstice!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bichon "Cotton Ball" Bash tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Big Day for Bichons in our locale. Molly is just about ready for the event...I just need to put a few more rhinestones and things in her Princess crown so she can be the Belly of the Ball.
These items are some of the 'poopie' bag holders I will be donating to raise a few dollars for Community Bichon Activities, National Bichon Rescues, Dog Shows and Junior Handler's Awards. Of course, these bags won't raise that much, but if everyone going was able to raise $50 in support of the above causes, it would help immeasureably.
I imagine there are some other locations that have similar events, yeah, even for other breeds, but since this is 'our' pet (and to quote a certain very famous couple in the news these days) and "It's our life".
I hope the weather co-operates and that there are lots of cutie-patootie cottom balls out there, just like our Princess Mollah-Kowallah. For sure we are going to take the camera!