Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day on Osborne

With tomorrow being Canada Day, I had hoped to have a lot more neckpieces like this available for people to see.  They're so perfect for summer.  But where does the time go!
Well, for one thing, we spent a gorgeous weekend out at West Hawk Lake and just enjoyed being with our friends -- both human and non-human.  It was incredible to be out far away from the noise of the city, with nary a mosquito (thankfully), but lots of other natural species to entertain us.  Several times while we were there we saw a number of deer -- so up close that they were hand fed.  Such gorgeous and gentle creatures!
Another time biter has been my 'part-time' teaching, which has been more like a regular job.  I've had lots of different experiences and have "learned" a lot.  And then there's this hacky throat-bug thing that has been robbing me of sleep.  Last week ABCDan caught this horrible throat bug which has made him cough so bad, for what seems like all night long.  I thought I was going to avoid it, but today my throat is aching and my voice is cracking something like concrete.  It is so awful and I have to be WELL tomorrow for the annual Parade at Osborne Village. 
All in all, I have only one necklace similar to the one above, and a few others that I managed to get done.  They're more like pendants...Inukshuk type.  They're quite cool and if they don't get all gobbled up tomorrow, perhaps I'll post one on here in a future blog.
Happy 143rd Canada. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last chance to hit the books!

I haven't made many books lately, although I must admit that they are my favorite thing to make.  I hope now, that summer is almost here and that I have more time to clay, that I CAN make a whole lot more. This is one that I made in faux ivory a few months ago, that was filled with good quality watercolor paper, making it truly an 'artists book'.  It is my intention, when making a book, to have a purpose in mind for it. 

Some of my books are used as guest books for cottagers to record the happy times spent with friends.  Other books have been made with the intention of a dedication...for people to journal about the significant happenings in their lives.  Others are used as graduation gifts or as journal diaries to collect and keep records of their visits to interesting places.  I know a few of my books have been used as 'scrapbooks' to keep pictures for a year or two.  One of the books I made became a special commemorative book for a son to honor his father.  This special order was made in the father's favorite colors and the side beads were representative symbols of some of the memorable occasions in his life. 

I do not know of another medium which allows for this kind of diversity or this degree of personalization in hand created artwork.   Generally when I make my books for sale to the public, they have to be rather 'generic' which allows me all sorts of latitude in my creation. However, when I create a special item for a person, that is truly the creation of a unique piece of artwork,with all the intentions incorporated into the 'persona' of the book. That is when the personalization aspect of art enters into an entirely new area, so motivating to the artist.  That is what I REALLY enjoy about creating...having an inspiration and motivation to achieve a purpose.

The individual who purchased the above book also ordered another, which, I was happy  to create.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It should be called Saturday the 13th

Some days are bad.  Really really bad.

 Yesterday began with hubby telling me that the computer was compromised and we couldn't get into any of our files, particularly our emails.  We are in the midst of a big 'volunteer' job and we desperately need to use the computer to make signage for this Gala that we are attending this coming weekend, namely, the St. John's 100th Anniversary Gala and associated activities.  It is a ginormous thing...hubby has been contacting many businesses in the communty (and beyond) and has secured great gifts and items to be auctioned off at the gala.  My part is to write up descriptions of the packages and do some decorative calligraphy to make the packages appealing to the 2000 plus people who will be in attendance.  This is NOT the time for a computer meltdown.  Oh the urge to say bad words. 

Several hours, phone calls and attempts at restoration later, no luck.  If anything, things had gotten worse.  Our email was down and all our programs appeared to be lost.  Fortunately, I have this little laptop which was not affected by whatever, and I have a few files on it, but not any of the current gala stuff.  It also allows us to see our current webmail (since yesterday) and of course I can access hotmail, msn, facebook and all that fun stuff on it.  But our address books are gone from our primary email accounts lists.  I do have some addresses on my hotmail accounts, but there's only so much there.  I guess I'll try to recoup what I have and start again. 

It isn't the first time we've lost seems as though it has happened every two or three years.  I watched a lot of tv yesterday, trying to drown my depression in even more depressing tv.I even went so far as to try and watch some of the world cup FIFA but the drone of the background hum was starting to irritate my already challenged quota of patience I had allotted for the rest of the day.   I did some work on getting my donation's a polymer creation.  It will be finished today. 

I also went to a meeting that was to start at ten.  The building was locked.  No one had the key.  I registered,outside,  and then went home.  What a day, what a day, what a day.When I got home, I realized the pants to my suit were on backwards.  That figures, doesn't it.

And oh, yes, I made a chicken.  When all else fails, cook.  At least that turned out to be edible.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Works in Progress

Imagine posting twice within twenty-four hours.  Actually 12 hours!  On my way to work and thought I'd post the scans of the two woven bags I mentioned in yesterday's post.  It's a little difficult to imagine what the finished bags will be like, but as I mentioned there'll be a lining in each, and the beads may be sewn in to the outer fabric or may just dangle at the side as adornments.  That's the beauty of making it up as you go along.  If the whimsy of the muse speaks to me, who knows what will/may happen!For now, I am happy knowing that I will get these bags done today.  (I have their cordings all crocheted up, just have to wait until I get the linings done to attach.)  But if I am going to attach the beadwork into the fabric itself, I need to do that before I sew in the lining,
Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prepping for the Weekend? It's in the Bag!

Three more days to get ready for the Crafts for the Cure Event and this little bracelet is what I worked on today  ...  before I went to the movies.  After seeing Sex and the City 2 anything I make seems tame, even my most outrageous pieces.  I guess I'll need to be a little bolder if I want to make things that the Foursome from Fifth Avenue might consider wearin'.  The flick was pure chicksville, with plenty of great clothes, (Thank you Patricia Field for your fabulous selection in the wardrobe department); opulence affordable only in the movies, and some good laughs.  A lot of the lines were 'predictable' but nevertheless enjoyable.  Perhaps it's because you knew some of what to expect that made it a comfort zone movie.  Even ABCD enjoyed it as one of the five males in the theatre tonight.  When we were leaving, another patrons noted that he had laughed perhaps the loudest. 

Now that I've had my little respite, I will be working double time and a half tomorrow. After teaching the day, I'll burn a little midnight oil and get some of the jewelry items strung and carded.  I have a couple of hand woven bags I made in April that I've finally had time to match up with some accoutrements.  I still have to sew the pretties on and finish the linings so that will keep me busy most of the evening. I haven't decided if I'll add some hand felting to them.  They're pretty busy as they are, but we'll see.   The lining's gotta be hand-sewn to the bag, but I will use the put it together, including a little attached carrying case inside for cell-phone, some spending cash or cards, or maybe keys.  And if I can work it in, a pocket on the side too.  The bag is pretty small by most standards, and only has room enough for the essentials, as it's not one of those Big Birkin Bags that can tote anything.  (No Souk Market in its rightful mind would carry my bag!)
 As well, I have a couple of  mobiles to string and some last minute beads to fashion into some funky summery necklaces.  And I haven't forgotten about the Bottles of Hope.  I made a few, and, well, I think I'll rename them as I decided to make them into figures.  With wings.  So they're going to be Angels with a Message of Hope. 

Maybe my message should be that I hope that I can get everything done in time!