Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last chance to hit the books!

I haven't made many books lately, although I must admit that they are my favorite thing to make.  I hope now, that summer is almost here and that I have more time to clay, that I CAN make a whole lot more. This is one that I made in faux ivory a few months ago, that was filled with good quality watercolor paper, making it truly an 'artists book'.  It is my intention, when making a book, to have a purpose in mind for it. 

Some of my books are used as guest books for cottagers to record the happy times spent with friends.  Other books have been made with the intention of a dedication...for people to journal about the significant happenings in their lives.  Others are used as graduation gifts or as journal diaries to collect and keep records of their visits to interesting places.  I know a few of my books have been used as 'scrapbooks' to keep pictures for a year or two.  One of the books I made became a special commemorative book for a son to honor his father.  This special order was made in the father's favorite colors and the side beads were representative symbols of some of the memorable occasions in his life. 

I do not know of another medium which allows for this kind of diversity or this degree of personalization in hand created artwork.   Generally when I make my books for sale to the public, they have to be rather 'generic' which allows me all sorts of latitude in my creation. However, when I create a special item for a person, that is truly the creation of a unique piece of artwork,with all the intentions incorporated into the 'persona' of the book. That is when the personalization aspect of art enters into an entirely new area, so motivating to the artist.  That is what I REALLY enjoy about creating...having an inspiration and motivation to achieve a purpose.

The individual who purchased the above book also ordered another, which, I was happy  to create.

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