Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Works in Progress

Imagine posting twice within twenty-four hours.  Actually 12 hours!  On my way to work and thought I'd post the scans of the two woven bags I mentioned in yesterday's post.  It's a little difficult to imagine what the finished bags will be like, but as I mentioned there'll be a lining in each, and the beads may be sewn in to the outer fabric or may just dangle at the side as adornments.  That's the beauty of making it up as you go along.  If the whimsy of the muse speaks to me, who knows what will/may happen!For now, I am happy knowing that I will get these bags done today.  (I have their cordings all crocheted up, just have to wait until I get the linings done to attach.)  But if I am going to attach the beadwork into the fabric itself, I need to do that before I sew in the lining,
Decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

They are going to look fabulous when you are done!

Pat Sernyk said...

Thanks! I got one of them finished and with the beads on the side and the button it looks all 'together'...