Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day on Osborne

With tomorrow being Canada Day, I had hoped to have a lot more neckpieces like this available for people to see.  They're so perfect for summer.  But where does the time go!
Well, for one thing, we spent a gorgeous weekend out at West Hawk Lake and just enjoyed being with our friends -- both human and non-human.  It was incredible to be out far away from the noise of the city, with nary a mosquito (thankfully), but lots of other natural species to entertain us.  Several times while we were there we saw a number of deer -- so up close that they were hand fed.  Such gorgeous and gentle creatures!
Another time biter has been my 'part-time' teaching, which has been more like a regular job.  I've had lots of different experiences and have "learned" a lot.  And then there's this hacky throat-bug thing that has been robbing me of sleep.  Last week ABCDan caught this horrible throat bug which has made him cough so bad, for what seems like all night long.  I thought I was going to avoid it, but today my throat is aching and my voice is cracking something like concrete.  It is so awful and I have to be WELL tomorrow for the annual Parade at Osborne Village. 
All in all, I have only one necklace similar to the one above, and a few others that I managed to get done.  They're more like pendants...Inukshuk type.  They're quite cool and if they don't get all gobbled up tomorrow, perhaps I'll post one on here in a future blog.
Happy 143rd Canada. 

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