Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prepping for the Weekend? It's in the Bag!

Three more days to get ready for the Crafts for the Cure Event and this little bracelet is what I worked on today  ...  before I went to the movies.  After seeing Sex and the City 2 anything I make seems tame, even my most outrageous pieces.  I guess I'll need to be a little bolder if I want to make things that the Foursome from Fifth Avenue might consider wearin'.  The flick was pure chicksville, with plenty of great clothes, (Thank you Patricia Field for your fabulous selection in the wardrobe department); opulence affordable only in the movies, and some good laughs.  A lot of the lines were 'predictable' but nevertheless enjoyable.  Perhaps it's because you knew some of what to expect that made it a comfort zone movie.  Even ABCD enjoyed it as one of the five males in the theatre tonight.  When we were leaving, another patrons noted that he had laughed perhaps the loudest. 

Now that I've had my little respite, I will be working double time and a half tomorrow. After teaching the day, I'll burn a little midnight oil and get some of the jewelry items strung and carded.  I have a couple of hand woven bags I made in April that I've finally had time to match up with some accoutrements.  I still have to sew the pretties on and finish the linings so that will keep me busy most of the evening. I haven't decided if I'll add some hand felting to them.  They're pretty busy as they are, but we'll see.   The lining's gotta be hand-sewn to the bag, but I will use the machine.to put it together, including a little attached carrying case inside for cell-phone, some spending cash or cards, or maybe keys.  And if I can work it in, a pocket on the side too.  The bag is pretty small by most standards, and only has room enough for the essentials, as it's not one of those Big Birkin Bags that can tote anything.  (No Souk Market in its rightful mind would carry my bag!)
 As well, I have a couple of  mobiles to string and some last minute beads to fashion into some funky summery necklaces.  And I haven't forgotten about the Bottles of Hope.  I made a few, and, well, I think I'll rename them as I decided to make them into figures.  With wings.  So they're going to be Angels with a Message of Hope. 

Maybe my message should be that I hope that I can get everything done in time!

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