Sunday, June 13, 2010

It should be called Saturday the 13th

Some days are bad.  Really really bad.

 Yesterday began with hubby telling me that the computer was compromised and we couldn't get into any of our files, particularly our emails.  We are in the midst of a big 'volunteer' job and we desperately need to use the computer to make signage for this Gala that we are attending this coming weekend, namely, the St. John's 100th Anniversary Gala and associated activities.  It is a ginormous thing...hubby has been contacting many businesses in the communty (and beyond) and has secured great gifts and items to be auctioned off at the gala.  My part is to write up descriptions of the packages and do some decorative calligraphy to make the packages appealing to the 2000 plus people who will be in attendance.  This is NOT the time for a computer meltdown.  Oh the urge to say bad words. 

Several hours, phone calls and attempts at restoration later, no luck.  If anything, things had gotten worse.  Our email was down and all our programs appeared to be lost.  Fortunately, I have this little laptop which was not affected by whatever, and I have a few files on it, but not any of the current gala stuff.  It also allows us to see our current webmail (since yesterday) and of course I can access hotmail, msn, facebook and all that fun stuff on it.  But our address books are gone from our primary email accounts lists.  I do have some addresses on my hotmail accounts, but there's only so much there.  I guess I'll try to recoup what I have and start again. 

It isn't the first time we've lost seems as though it has happened every two or three years.  I watched a lot of tv yesterday, trying to drown my depression in even more depressing tv.I even went so far as to try and watch some of the world cup FIFA but the drone of the background hum was starting to irritate my already challenged quota of patience I had allotted for the rest of the day.   I did some work on getting my donation's a polymer creation.  It will be finished today. 

I also went to a meeting that was to start at ten.  The building was locked.  No one had the key.  I registered,outside,  and then went home.  What a day, what a day, what a day.When I got home, I realized the pants to my suit were on backwards.  That figures, doesn't it.

And oh, yes, I made a chicken.  When all else fails, cook.  At least that turned out to be edible.


Cherylamie said...

Wow, Just remember its a new dawn today !!!

Pat Sernyk said...
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Pat Sernyk said...

Thanks, Cheryl. Now that a week has passed, the headache of last Saturday is nearly gone. We got the laptop hooked up to a printer and just have to get the big gizzmo out of the computer shoppe and hopefully all will be well again.