Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Buttons for Quilters

A few days ago I visited the home of a gal I met at the quilt show back in April. She had left me a swatch of fabric and now that the garment was complete, she wondered if I could match up some buttons. I made a few sets, and upon looking at the fabric and my other buttons, we decided to use an "unmatched" set of different buttons. The collaboration worked well.

She also wanted to have some buttons for another jacket she had fashioned a few years ago, and the ones pictured here are the ones I made. I also scanned the buttons on the jacket, under the ones she had used originally, so it looks a little strange. I didn't want to take off her other buttons in case these aren't suitable. Her jacket is a lovely composition with all sorts of quilting techniques. The flying geese pattern is one of the few I have done myself. I had fashioned it into a wall hanging. Maybe I should pull it out from storage and make some buttons to decorate it! Like I have time for that. Instead of buttons I should learn how to make time. I shall put that on my agenda for tomorrow

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