Thursday, August 21, 2008

This makes me feel like dancin'

After not having done any real claying at my table in over two weeks, I don't know if I feel guilty or if I feel like dancing! Actually I've had a great time visiting, attending weddings, demonstrating, beaching, writing lessons and everything except sitting and claying.

August has been filled with some wonderful visits, some far and some only an hour away, but they have all been a wonderful break from the usual. I guess what made the trips so wonderful was the time I spent with people who are very dear to me; most of whom I have known for many, many years. So, it was great to see them all and do fun things.

I returned home yesterday and reviewed my date book. I looked through the posters which separate the weeks in it and came across this one which I had to post, because I love its colours. They reminded me of a garment my friend bought yesterday. She'll be taking it on her cruise which leaves from London in about a week. The colours are so vibrant and they look wonderful on her. I am sure her cruise will be fabulous too. It's not your typical Caribbean or Mediterranean one...she is visiting the Shetland Islands, some Scandinavian countries (including GREENLAND!) then Iceland, and then she heads for St. John's NF, and finally to New York where she'll visit friends in nearby Connecticut. It sounds like a great vacation and I am sure she and her husband will have a wonderful time as they celebrate their anniversary.

I will be content to sit at my clay table and play with these colours. I may have just about as much fun!

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