Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot August Nights and Days

Back to work after a couple of days of R and R. Whatever that means. Mostly we were riding and repacking, or so it seemed. We really didn't travel that far, but did enjoy some lovely warm weather and some beautiful (for the prairies at least) scenery. Even had a chance to dip Molly's toes into one of the lakes at Detroit Lakes, near a resort we regularly visited many years ago. We always went there in August and I recall the weather was pleasantly warm, like it is today.
I had a commission to do a sun face hanging for this weekend and it is nearly done. Hot as it has been I didn't bake it on the sidewalk, tee hee, but hope that the piece reflects the warmth of our summer, which started out rather cool, but has become gorgeous with lots of sun but not stifling.
Now to get back to finishing off the piece...Wonder what the other side of the sun looks like?

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