Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pendant Previews

In preparation for a few upcoming events, I have begun reworking some of my favourite things. I haven't made many pendants this year as I've been so busy doing buttons. These slightly geometric pendants are not yet "finished", i.e. they haven't been buffed, and a few of them need a little bit of trimming. I haven't decided if I'll put a high sheen on them or not. I kinda like the matte appearance, with just a few tiny sparkles here and there from the flecks in the clay mix that I used. The "sun splotches" were actually tiny cutouts that I did with a paper punch and I thought the effect was cool. The clay took on a deep undertone while curing; that happens a lot with the reds and fuchsias. Each one is textured slightly differently. I am going to make the lengths adjustable.

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Pat Sernyk said...

Almost all of the pendants are gone. I think there are two left.