Friday, October 26, 2007


Well, after the feeble feline attempts last weekend, I thought I'd try some canine canes...I tried to get Molly to Model, and she did, but the result doesn't look much like her, except for the colour which is almost straight out of the package, lol. I usually don't try for "cute" stuff, but this one I can live with.

The "tags" are little charms for the doggie bags I make. Sometimes the people who browse the craft sales comment on how "cute" items are. Then they kick the tires and keep on walking.

G-r-r-///Be quiet MOLLY! Anyway, in an attempt to justify their "comments" I make these "cute" doggie bags that hold plastic baggies for picking up "doggie presents".

It all came about a few years ago when friend husband went to take Molly for a walk and he reported on her "actions". When I asked if he had acted responsibly, he said..."I forgot to take a bag." So I immediately made a little drawstring bag and attached it to the handle of her leash and filled it full of plastic sandwich bags. Now we're always responsible when she does something...unexpectedly. We've replaced her "poochie pouch" many times as they do get a lot of use, and now I even decorate them.

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