Saturday, October 20, 2007

Molly the Model Dog and ... Cat?

It has been raining off and on for the past week, and today it's cloudy so might rain again. I thought I should do some work considering the less than perfect weather, but hubby left the camera at home...yay... and so I took a couple of pictures. Molly (the white one) was sleeping at the foot of the stairs as per usual, so I pointed the camera right at her. The flash didn't bother her a bit, as she loves to pose. I want to make a little dog pin, so may do something in clay with Molly as the Model. After I took the camera away, she went right back to sleep.

As for the other "thing"...I had a request about a week ago from an old curling buddy, for a cat thing in polymer clay so attempted to make a cat cane. I usually don't do much caning, and didn't really have anything to go by in the way of instructions, so I just went the intuitive route and tried to make a sketch and follow it. Of course the colours aren't very accurate, and who knows what it will look like when it's reduced... I plan on adding a few little non-caned additions to it when it's in user-friendly size. But if worst comes to worst, I always need scrap clay and so even though it took nearly three hours to make this cat, I have a hefty heap of "filler clay" for some of the other projects I am working on.

If it reduces half decently (I am letting it rest for a few hours at least) I'll post some finished things that I make from it.

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