Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zen-doodle all the day long

Well, these zen-doodles weren't all done in one day...far from it.  They are some of the work I did a while back while being a patient passenger.  Some works of the series are framed and some of them are waiting for just the right moment to become part of a larger work that I envision for 'future considerations'. 

It is really difficult being a 'composer' with snippets of things you know are good enough to keep, but just not 'enough' on their own.  And the line between the two parameters is not clearly demarkated.  It's not like there's a double yellow solid down the middle of your work saying Do Not Cross but an arbitrary thing that you just have to hope is in synch with the work(s), the media and all that goes into a composition. 

Speaking about compositions, last weekend my friend and I went to the symphony and one of the main works was the familiar Beethoven V.  As we were getting our coats on, I overheard a fellow a few rows back who berated the conductor for leading the orchestra to play it altogether too fast for his liking.  I didn't say anything but did have an opinion.  When Ludvig composed the piece, he had in mind a certain pace at which he felt the piece ought to be played at, and so noted that in the time signature.  Everyone's interpretation has to vary slightly, I feel. We do not all walk around with metronomes in our purses or back pockets, and even if we did, there would still be room for personal interpretation. 

So is the way people interpret art and in this case, my zen doodles.  Some of you may get nothing out of them.  So be it.  Others may feel there is a picture there, and may even imagine a creature from the deep lurking in the compositions.  Again, others may feel it is just a series of dots connected by a five year old. To me it is an expression...perhaps a little intuitive, but that is what appealed to me at the time I made the particular piece. 


Lupe Meter said...

Love your zen doodles. I need to start making some. I doodle while I am on the phone, might as well make some kind of art with them! Thank you for your comment on my face cane.

Pat Sernyk said...

Hey Lupe,
Good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment on my doodles. They are a very fun way to pass the time, and kinda no pressure. Good luck on doing some of your own.

nancy-Lou said...

Just found your blog again and love are such a creative lady. The zen doodles are amazing....think about matting and framing them...and showing at your sales. I doodle while being idle and when on the phone once I started doodling flowers and stopped while having to concentrate...Merrilee finished them off for me! Hey isn't that what friends are for? When are you and Dan heading south?

Pat Sernyk said...

Hey Nancy-Lou,
Nice to hear from you. I think we all doodle a lot, and some of the doodles I've seen are amazing. And I do have one of them matted and framed. It is hanging on the brick wall next to our fireplace in the family room. Don't know if I want to part with know that 'attachment'. Besides, they are good to show kids when I talk about doing the work at school.

Take care and will think about you when we are 'warm'.