Saturday, November 12, 2011

Presentation Plus

A few weeks ago I was approached by the manager of a museum in our city asking to carry some of my products in the gift shop there.  I have items in some other galleries, gift shops, and I was looking forward to getting a few more of my items 'out there'.

So this morning, after completing the promised number of items, I set to getting them ready for presentation.  For the longest time I had been using the same type of hand crafted background paper for some of my items, mostly jewellery, which also contained a picture of some of the local scenery, since it went well with the items.  As with most things, change was needed, so I came up with a slight modification of my background's much less time consuming to create and doesn't require the same amount of drying time as I had been accustomed to with the stamped, brushed, calligraphed, spattered and top coated effect I was using previously.  I stuck to spattering and rolling this time and even though the finishing coat of thin gold is missing, there are still a few sparkles here and there, thanks to the pearlescent effect I mixed in with one of the rolled techniques.  I made about twenty variations on the theme and although I'm not sure if this was my absolute favourite; they were all so similar, it was hard to pick out my #1 choice.  Besides, once the rest of the printing and the accompanying picture gets on the page and the background sheets get cut up into card size pieces,  much of the total picture is gone.

I called the museum this morning in hopes that I could drop off the finished goods, but alas, the manager was on an extended weekend, and so I'll have to wait until Tuesday  when she returns.  Hope you all have a fun weekend...Mine is nice so schlepping and setting up today and quite frankly, I needed the break.

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nancy-Lou said...

Do a few of the same idea frame them up and away you go. CONTEMPORARY ART.
Really nice Pat.....I can't believe it is just for wrappings. You could do a bunch for Christmas and market the papers as Christmas wrappping. Get Dan to make a production line with you! I can just see it now!