Sunday, November 6, 2011

Craft Season in Full Swing

Thank goodness for that extra hour of sleep last night.  This season of 'sales events' has wiped me.  The packing, unpacking, hauling things upstairs in ancient mansions, loading and unloading dollies to who knows where in huge exhibition halls and just the general 'busy-ness' of this time of year has caught me with my knickers down (so to speak) and I have fallen victim to the latest bug to hit our city. The weather has been fine until now, but I guess my resistance and lack of proper sleep have just set my body level to "succumb".  I now have a throat that produces sounds on a very random basis, and the projected pitch ranges from squeeky mouse to bass baritone in the same sentence.  Needless to say, I won't be asked to sing any operatic solos in the near future, lol.

Fortunately, I am not sneezy and wheezy, and my muscles aren't all achy, so I am still able to function if I don't have to speak in dulcet tones.  We do have a family get together today where we'll celebrate a birthday and have the annual 'who buys for whom' draw for Holiday time.  Thankfully the restaurant we will be visiting has an extremely varied menu so it will fit the many tastes of our group.  I think I will sit on the end, or maybe I'll be ousted to my own private table and have to communicate in sign language with the rest of the pack.  In any case, I am looking forward to a break from 'production' and sitting at my clay table.

Actually, I have a hiatus in events, and this weekend I'll be able to enjoy an evening at the Symphony on Friday night...a big change from the normal hurrying and scurrying getting last minute tags ready and making sure I have all my necessitites piled in boxes near the door.  Heck, I may even have time today to finish reading that book that will be discussed at our book club get together...oh's Tomorrow.  Better get off this and get to page 32.  Think I'll get done?  It's only a couple hundred pages so I'll read in the car on the way to the restaurant and tell hubby to 'take the long way'. Wish me luck

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