Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grey Cup Garb...the Lyin', the Hitch, and the Wardrobe

Well, I am not really lying, I am tellin' the truth but this could be classified as a whopper!    This morning and most of the day I've been busy getting ready for the great big day tomorrow, (Grey Cup) and I wanted to show some team spirit so, as I said in an earlier blog, I have been making some things. 

I sortof drew this logo, I know it's copyright but it's only staying inside my house and maybe it'll go outside on  the dog's sweater.  She wouldn't be 'advertising' it, because she only goes out in the back yard on a leash and she is blind, so she can't go out meandering for Pete's sake.  But I digress.

I drew the logo thing; made a couple of photocopies in different sizes, (the dog's has to be smaller) and Dan's has to be bigger and the one for the table...well, that one isn't important.  Then I colored them. Do you know how much my markers have dried out?  Of course some of them are ten years old or older, so that isn't a surprise.  I did the gold with yellow marker, then gold Prisma color pencil on top, then another layer of yellow marker.  That shading makes the color quite realistic.  As you can see, the blues are not all the same because the markers were running low.  I even went over one of them in blue highlighter because the concentration of ink was getting very pale.  It doesn't's just for an at home get together.  And no one cares if the blue's the right hue.

After I had colored the designs, I used the trusty Singer and sewed pieces of acetate on top, all around the designs like  little borders.  Next step was to attach the thing to a garment, and I was using this old embroidery floss I found in my cupboard.  (The cupboard is  like an old fashioned wardrobe, hehe, and its contents are so much fun that it is always an exciting adventure when I pull something out.  It's one of those things that someone is always telling me to "CLEAN OUT" but it is far too much fun to keep the stuff.  Some of it I could part with, but when I make a find like I did today, I vow I won't clean it out until it absolutely has to be done.)

So, (or should that be sew) I've already hand stitched one logo onto my goldish plush vest.  From far, it looks pretty good until you see the uneven stitches.  But I can live with that.  Its 'kitschy stitchin'  and adds to the fun of it.  It's almost like a 'hitch' or whip stitch.  But the big thing is THIS...See that blue embroidery floss that I am using to stitch with?  Well this is where truth is really stranger than fiction.  Have a look at the scan below...
 If you look really closely at the little paper wrapper, it will kind of give you a hint of how old that embroidery floss is.  You may need to enlarge the image because I want it to be very subtle.  I think that I must have inherited that cigar box of floss from someone who did work in the middle of the 1900's, or maybe earlier.  Doesn't that sound like ages ago?

And yet, we remember songs from that era.  For example, one of the big auto firms is presently using a song that one of my aunts used to sing in its commercial.  (I think it's the same aunt who used this floss.) You know the one with the fake birds flying around?  I believe the music was from one of the Sigmund Romberg 'operas' that were all the rage when Hollywood did those big lavish musical productions.  If my numerical demagnification ratios serve me right, keeping in mind the relative cost of the embroidery thread, one of  those musicals could have been made for a few thousand dollars.  Now, that barely pays a month's living expenses.  Not to mention a football player's salary.  And I ain't lyin'.

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