Saturday, November 26, 2011

Book Club Babe Mascot

This is not the greatest scan of this little gal, but she really is a cutie.  She is meant to hang on a wall and holds a multi-page book replete with matching beads. 

My original idea for these little "mascots" was to have them made for Book Clubs, and the hostess of the meeting would keep the doll and hang her up until it was the next hostess' turn.  Most of the people I have spoken to said that they didn't want to "share" but would use the book to write down all the books they were reading like a kind of 'log' book. 

I will be taking one of them to my next book club meeting ... it is to be a Christmas Pot Luck.  I don't know if this is the lady that will accompany me...she will be privvy to all sorts of banter at that get together.  And even if we do decide to keep her as the "keeper of the books" so to speak, we can rest assured that she won't breathe a word about what (or who) was discussed at the gathering. 

Her book can be removed quite readily from her rather oversized arms.  She seems a little disproportioned when she isn't holding on to her book, but I am including the scan of her with the book on the side so you can see how the whole thing works.

The scan makes her look a little displeased with something, but I think it's because the camera is angling downward and when you look at her hanging on the wall at eye level or above, her expression is much kinder. 

Maybe it's that way with people too...when people look "down" on us, they may see a less pleasant expression on our faces than when looking at them head on or from just below eye level.  And maybe that's why we 'admire' people we look up to, and frown upon others...we are just reflecting what's been projected towards us.  Ah, but I've said too much and don't want to get into some discussion that I am not prepared to carry on with. 

Me, I'm with the book club babe and just don't want to tell all!!!

It's Grey Cup Weekend here, and I've got to get back to fashioning some Blue and Gold Bomber football gear to wear while we watch tomorrow's game.  I am in the midst of sewing a hand-made logo onto a gold plush vest.  I have the blue turtle neck washed and ready to wear and will co-ordinate that with some blue sweats so that if need be, I can reinforce the team from our family room in between snacks.  One of the appetizers I made is a cheese ball that I made in the shape of a football.  I topped it off with slightly salted home roasted sunflower seeds and the bowl scrapings tasted yummy.  After the flavours have a chance to mellow it should be really good.  I have the table decked out in a gold table cloth with blue runners along the side.  If  I have time, I'll make a couple more hand colored logos to intersperse among the other goodies that are mellowing in the fridge.  I've decided to make a few little trinkets in blue and gold ... maybe like toothpick decorations and maybe I'll cover a couple of knife handles to spread the cheese ball onto crackers.  And maybe swizzle sticks.  But we shall see.

Go Bombers!

And one more pass while I'm on the football kick...(How's that for a literary device...)I saw the highlights of yesterday's Vanier Cup...(McMaster contre Laval) and I am pretty sure my niece and her husband who are in the Crystallography Department at McMaster are happy about the outcome.  According to the sportscasters, that game was probably the best Canadian College Football Final of all time.  Hope the Bombers can mimic the McMaster outcome.

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nancy-Lou said...

Love your is just like talking to you in person. Where do you get your energy from? Such a busy gal. Great idea...the book club babe mascot. What are you reading? I just read the Help,along with almost everyone else I know and started the Doctor and the Diva by McDonnell. Carl is recovering from another surgery...his 6th joint replacement so our Grey Cup Festivities will be quiet.How is Molly? I am besides myself as my best pal ever doesn't have long....his abdomen has a large mass. I cry everyday. He is sad, but not obviously in pain and everything works still so we are having loving times together. He had cancer of the anal gland a couple of years ago and had surgery. It is hard, hard hard.
I hope Molly is doing OK. Have fun tomorrow, Nancy.....PS the absolute worst angle for a camera for me is when I can't figure out what I am doing and looking down at the darned thing and just by magic it takes my frowning picture wrinkles and all. That is the ONE picture that won't go away on picasa....always there looking at me. EGADS.Nancy