Friday, September 2, 2011

Beachy, Just Beachy

Beach, Beach, Beach!  And I mean that in a good way.  This weekend will mark the final Victoria Beach Art Sale for the season, so I chose to include this as a tribute to what has probably been the best summer for beachin' it in YEARS!  Yes, there were difficulties, in particular with the high waters at the start of the season and the erosioin of the shore line, but as for weather, sunny days, no rain and mosquitoes, this has to be a topper for them all.  At least as far as I can recall. 

In July, I did manage to spend three lovely days (except for my aching back) out at Victoria Beach and had hoped to spend a few more on a weekend in September, but alas, I think that is not to be.  Schedules and preparing for heavy duty fall commitments has left little time to idle at the beach.  However, I do think that taking a day off here and there would do wonders!

I've done lots of market type events this summer; almost one every weekend.  At the most recent one, (The Morden Corn and Apple Festival) I encountered Breanne, who is also a polymer clay person of sorts.  I say that tongue in cheek, because she is also an aeronautical engineer. (Yah, really) but she has a fun side to her, that makes an explanation of why the extrusion of a Klimt Cane in mathematical terms makes sense; in terms that a mere regular science type can understand.  (Watching too many of  Big Bang Theory Lectures I think!)   Anyway, last year I had made a few of these light switches and she asked for a couple more, so I'm showing this one here, before it's gone.

This weekend I'll actually be at two 'events'.  On Saturday I'll be at the "Christmas in September" Art and Craft Sale at the Victoria Beach Sports Club, and then on Sunday we'll be setting up the tent at the Locks Market under the bridge by Skinner's in Lockport.  Two weekends ago they celebrated the Lockport Dam Festival there and in spite of a cruel wind on the Saturday, the Festival was a great success. Unfortunately, Hubby's $20 000 tagged catfish wasn't caught (again) this year, but the committee did see fit to award some substantial merchandise prizes to a few lucky participants who entered the contest.  Those tagged catfish are swimmin' around somewhere wondering, "Why am I wearing this tag thing on my dorsal fin?"  I wonder just how many of those dam catfish have similar 'garb'? 

But I digress.  It's almost daylight here (5:35 am) and I need to get to actual work.  I have many projects in the nearly complete stage and if I am going to have enough items to fill my spaces over the weekend, I'd better get off this chair and into the one in my workspace.  So I'll just turn lights off in this room, pour myself a cup of Joe and get to work.


Lupe Meter said...

Love your beach style light switch plates...beautiful!

Its All About Creating said...

Great colors! I love the transition and the texture (of course). They really are "just beachy".

Pat Sernyk said...

Thanks! I had made some like this before and got requests for others so showed them here. BTW, there really are beaches much like those pictures less than 60 miles from my home! No palm trees though, lol. Like me, they wouldn't survive the winter!

Bre said...

My parents quite love their little beaches, ad they are both up at our cabin in Grand Beach :) Thank you again!!

Bre said...

My parents quite love their little beaches, ad they are both up at our cabin in Grand Beach :) Thank you again!! And the Klimt wine glasses are I'm just having a hard time giving them away as a gift because hubby and I both like them too much! :)