Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Face It...It's Crunch Time

These little gals are all set for their annual trek to Dryden to participate in the Holiday Arts Festival this weekend.  Some of them look pretty bundled up, and I understand that warm weather is being forecast, so hopefully they won't experience any hot flashes!

I made several of the little faces, and then chose some to be book club babes, some to be little finger puppets and this glee club grouping is a set of twelve buttons.  The buttons can be sewn on to clothing, especially winter hats, to make cute little additions, or they can be sewn onto premade muslin dolls.  Then they can be adorned with beads, costumes, jewellery, and made into any doll of your choice.  I like to call them the Maharincess of Franistan Faces, because one or two of them actually look like Lucy Ricardo in her early series with bandleader Ricky.  If you remember that series, or even the reruns, Lucy got herself into plenty of trouble.  Thing is, these ones don't have any 'splainin' to do.

We will be packing up the van tonight with hopes of getting an early start out tomorrow so we can drive leisurely, without having the time element being an extra burden. 

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