Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fish going Globe Bowling...Part Two

If you haven't seen Part One of this little video, please go to the previous post where the elements that make up this little puppet show are explained.  Not too much detail, but a glimpse. 
This is about the umpteenth time I've tried to load and process this video.  As you can tell,  I ended up having to do the video in two parts because Blogger just couldn't do it all in one.  I am not that savvy when it comes to making movies.

In any case, I made and baked the inner fish on a little copper wire, and right now, it just dangles inside the globe.  For the exterior, you can see where I covered the vase with the bowling balls (which hid where I had to nip the glass) and also adhered the premade, but unbaked fishies to the outside of the crazy-quilted exterior.  When all the exterior collaging was done, I baked the vase for about 45 minutes.

The little wire which suspends the fish still isn't attached so I will be finishing it off a little.  Similar ones I made last year were suspended by some fibres around the rim of the vase which coincidentally helped to hold the wire that controls the little puppet fish inside.  In this way, the vase can be placed on a table or suspended according to one's whims. 

My idea of  Clay Mation or is it Motion...

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