Friday, September 16, 2011

The Lights of Fall

It is really noticeable with the frost on the cars in the mornings, that we are experiencing FALL here.  Following an absolutely fabulous summer, the cooler weather really hit hard almost overnight.  So in keeping with the season, I decided to imitate the colors of fall in these crazy-quilt patchwork light switch plates.  I recently went and purchased a good selection of blank plates and will be busy covering them in the hopes that they find happy homes at some of the sales that I will be doing in the coming months.

I am not one for production, but with the huge events I will be attending this fall, I have to succumb to that line of 'work'.  The upside is that although I will be working with similar palettes for the covers, at least I can make each one slightly different.  When doing these I actually put the completed ones in another room so that I don't 'copy' my work so that they can stay dissimilar.  

The next few months should prove to be 'interesting' as I will be integrating substitute teaching, some travel, and concentrated efforts in completing several large projects in polymer, so I may not be posting as regularly as I would like.  The leisurely hours of sitting at the computer are one of the things that will have to be whittled off my days so that I can be more productive.  And with the noticeably shorter days and my eyes not attuned to working when it's dark, I need to make light switch covers (among other things) while the sun is still shining. 

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