Friday, September 16, 2011

Two, two, two posts on one day

Some time ago I tried to make a clown fish cane.  I started with an incredible drawing, only to find that the useable part of the cane was very small.  In my efforts to reduce it, the shape was just too convoluted so I only got about twenty good slices of fish.  Or would those be filets? 

In any case, last weekend I made a little drawing of a dog, and decided to give another animule a chance at becoming a cane.  Now this could go a lot of places.  Since my little bichon Molly is blind, a  'white cane' might be appropriate.  Not that she could ever carry one or learn to use it in that constant contact method that vision impaired people are accustomed to.  Molly would rather use her nose.  She sidles up against walls to help her negotiate the familiar walls in our place, and that keeps her away from the stairs she abhors (she has fallen down them twice).  When she wants to jump onto the sofa, she does the 'nose' test by touching her nose to the front of the sofa seat, and then hurdles her way up the premeasured height.  It is almost tearful to watch her get 'lost' in the house, but in some of those adventures, she has discovered where the bag of dog food is kept.  I've even seen her get on her hind paws and stuff her face right into the bag for a few extra goodies.  Nope...she doesn't need that kind of cane to get around.

To get back to my original idea for this post, I did want to mention that I almost succeeded in making this dog cane.  Not that it looks anything like Molly.  With her being totally white, it is a little difficult to make any kinds of facial demarkations, and those are rather necessary in making good canes.  The contrast between features is critical to making a successful cane.  So, I put a little greige in here and there on her face to kind of indicate the contours of her face.  Unbeknownst to me, one of theose greige lines came between her 'eyes' and it almost looks like she's wearing glasses.  Now if any dog wants to make a spectacle of herself, it would be Molly.  She loves being the center of attention, so now, I will go and give her a cuddle and end this post. 

Oh yah, I have used this cane.  I also encircled it with other surrounding colors...some blue, some pink and some grey, which I believe is the only thing she sees.

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Louise said...

I just love that cane. Never thought to make a dog cane from my Java.