Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Posting a Post Card

A couple of weeks ago I found some great postcard templates and since I am going to be doing quite a few things this fall, I thought I'd print some up with the list of events in the 'message' part. 
Not knowing what kind of image to put on the showy part of the postcard, I went with something already in a format close to the right size of the template that I had in my photo files.

When I printed out the "obverse" side of the cards, (is that the right word?, there was this ugly white....ummm... border around two adjacent sides, so I colored it in with gel markers, felts and crayons, intending to paint over it later.  I decided to add a little more crayon to some of the interior fabric part of the printed picture (note the swirls) and then went and ironed the whole thing.  The ironing seemed to set the image and hopefully it will make the inkjet print a little more stable. I might even go over the whole thing with some wax paper and iron it again, and forego the idea of painting over the border. Who knows what will happen? While it's not encaustic or batik technique, it's a bit along those lines. It was kind of a fun thing to try, reminiscent of the tesselation-tee-shirt project I did with one of my classes several years ago. 
(and much easier!)

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