Monday, September 14, 2009

Is it real or fake?

The title to this post is just a little hint as to what I've been up to.  I belong to the on-line group called "Clayamies" and one of my friends is hosting a contest about spotting the fake stones in a collection.  It's fun and there's no worries if you don't get it right. 

I entered the contest not so much to win, but just because.  You can get to it on her blog, Tina Holden Polymer Clay Bytes in my list of blogs underneath Fish Time, the little fish that are swimming around.  Go have a look at Tina's blog and try for yourself!

As for the picture here, the frame is one I received in a Winterfest Event (for Clayamie participants only) a few years ago.  The words on the periphery are what the group is all about.  Now, we have a new blog for the Clayamies group, where I'll be posting once in a while.  My question about real or fake refers to what's it real or fake snake? 

Actually, I am now on three blogs... I created another one for things not associated with my actual clay work.  I am going to list it in my links once I  figure out this new posting set-up. (Mostly because I can't remember the url.)

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