Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Face on Book

Last week I made a couple of 'stone journals' (not to be confused with The Stone Diaries) and they're gone now. Okay, they were a little masculine, but they did go to a woman and a girl. Since 95% of my clientele is female, I thought I'd make this one particularly feminine. The inner pages are bordered in a pinky-coral and the cover...well I think it speaks for itself. The back cover is also multicoloré, but has no body parts on it. (Heck did you think I'd put a backside on there?)

This week, I also did a series of other journals that were less gender-based, but their colors again were more of the pinky, purply, blue and green palette. I even went crazy and made some pens to go with them, although I haven't made lids for the pens. Because the pens are so textured and have little protruding elements near the nib/pont, the covers I normally make from clay won't fit. And there is no way on earth that the pen will fit into the spiral rings at the spine of the journal, although that was my original intent. Maybe I'll just have to go the stand-up route and make bases for the pens. I was kinda hoping that the pens and journal could be portable (like in a journey bag) but, we'll see.

Keeping the pen in a bag without a cover is an accident waiting to happen. The other option is to make the fabric covers out of something like ultra suede, which I'm not all that happy with. Those look a bit like sewn condoms and unless I spend more time making them decorative, I don't know if that will work either. But it could be a make-work project for a rainy day when I don't feel like claying.

That will give me something to ponder over today at the market if/when it's not too busy. With it being the start of a gorgeous long weekend, the market could be really crowded or horribly boring. I'll take my sketchbook and do some prototypes just in case it's the latter.

Last night we had a laugh. A few of us were having bubblies as I was finishing off sewing new buttons onto cards. When I showed them my newest journals, I told them that I had been busy this week, and had created a new version of ... "facebook".

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Tita Mama said...

The journal you made is beautiful. Love the bright colors.