Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moonlight Rambler

Yah, so I fell asleep on the sofa last night watching t.v. (a habit I've had since I was in junior high school) and woke up around midnight to hear hubby (a habit I've had for 40 years or so) rumaging around in the kitchen, saying "I've gotta get that thing out of there!"
Vaguely interpreting what he was talking about, I stumbled up off the couch and went to see what he was doing. I said, "No don't shoo it away, it's sleeping in there! You don't have to wake everybody in the neighborhood up!"

For once, he listened to me and the next thing we knew, the little thing was curled up in the birdfeeder/ranch house in the same manner that Molly sleeps in her sunbeam during her early morning nap.
He did take Ringo's (ABCD's name for it) picture and I guess that was enough to wake it up to look us in the eye. It's not the first time it's been spotted there...usually it's foraging for the last of the peanuts and seeds we provide at the Animal Gourmet Shelter here on Bunn's Grove. Not to mention that it costs us about $75 + a week to feed those critters...but they do provide entertainment while doing the mundane chores like dishes.

Speaking of dishes, I made an incredible lentil salad yesterday, using a couple of the tomatoes and lots of the herbs from the garden. The harvest has been very poor this year, but the salad was great just the same. Store boughts just don't make the food as tasty methinks.

On the down side of all this, I know that raccoons can wreak havoc in the yard, and they have no fear at all of humans. It makes me wonder about how attached this little critter is becoming. I wonder if it's wise to make things so comfortable for it. The way I see it, we may need to take the bird feeder down during the nights so we can just enjoy the wildlife by day, and let the animals forage for themselves at night. 

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