Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Normal day, abnormally madhouse

WHOA! Am I ever going to get everything done! Today it's taking the old 'jalopy' in to be safetied and then out to look at the minivan ABCDEE found about 15 miles from here. Test drive it and check for little things that I know will irk his everlovin' soul for the rest of his born days.

Then if 'the decision' is made, we'll get the thing.

And that's just his list.

My list...finish three journals that I have ideas for, two light switch covers that I promised to someone, do some sketches for the coffrets that I need to do for Joy, and do some work on a journal that I am going to actually PUT things in. Yah, I make a lot of journals, but I rarely write or do art in them. I have some ideas and actually colored the faces last night. They're drawings I did a while back and I decided that they needed to have different expressions to suit my mood. Sort of like a mood ring without the cheesiness. Speaking of cheesiness, I love what my niece Darlene used as one of her tags...(and I'm not quoting verbatim)...When I am lacking character I'll just slather myself in CheezWhiz because... Cheez whiz adds personality (can you hum the tune?)!

so I'll leave this until later cause ABCD is on my case!

>>> much later.... After five trips to the 'old car fixer uppers'(so it can be resold somewhere) and two trips to the dealership, the deed is done. ABCD (all bankers can do) went smoothly and the cash is in the bank for to pay for the vehicle. It's not MY vehicle, but it'll be the one we'll take on trips this year. I never knew they named vehicles after kid stars, but Anne-a Montana is now ours.

And of course I got ONE thing done on my list, and all his list got done. Ain't life grand.

Now, to get ready to go and meet with the ladies of the book club. Heck, where are the notes that I made when I was reading that nearly 500 page tome!

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