Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When the fisherman's away the fish will clay

I found some silver wire in my 'storage area' and decided to try making a ring. I used (of all things) the end of a pool cue for my mandrel and wrapped the wire into a shape and then hammered it a bit to give it a 'distressed look'. Then I wrapped a smaller gauge wire around the 'join' and secured it under the copper coloured polymer clay fish. I left a little bit of the design showing above and below the fish, just for fun.

Then I made another one, and this time used a simple coil, like a beehive with a slightly decorated cap for the showy part. I guess it's nice to have free time and just play. Maybe I will use some of my 16 gauge sterling wire that I have been saving when I have practiced my wire work a little more. Last time I tried using the sterling wire, I wasted about $80 worth of it, so I am reluctant to bend the stuff. Of course, I guess a meltdown might salvage some of it if I can still find where I threw the scraps.

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