Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach Blanket Buttons

It's been years since I've actually seen Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco. Dinah Shore (well that is a pretty beachy name) was even parodied in that particular production; but her name wasn't the name of a local beach as one might think is indicated by the title. It was, I recall, a reference to something Jurassic Park-ish...wait for it...oh you've guessed it. A Dinahshore. (Sho, just whosh been drinnnnnnnking too mmmany mmmargartinis?)

What brings me to that intro? Well the Saturday sale at the Beach was incredible. There were new vendors, and some who had taken a hiatus for a while. Good variety too. And crowds. People started pouring in before the actual opening, and aside from a brief slowdown at lunch, they kept thronging in right until closing. The next one is in mid August, so I'm gearing up for that.

At Saturday's sale, as luck would have it, I was located right across from the gals who had all those tempting tasty things to try...But I resisted until ten minutes before teardown. Then they motioned for us to come and clean up all the samples with pretzel sticks. (I quashed the urge to double dip). They had new stuff; but moi, being a creature of habit, limited herself to purchasing just the Oh So Garlic Dip/Spread maker. Made some was plenty garlicky!

As for the Beach Blanket Buttons...I used that little crazy-pieced fabric collage as the backdrop for some of the buttons, to show how the buttons complemented/co-ordinated with different types of fabric. The collage, although smaller than a regular throw, reminded me of the old days when people sewed together all their fabric leftovers to make a beach blanket. I think I'll make another of a different palette for the next show. It serves the purpose so that folks can see what the buttons look like against the fabric backgrounds.
I think I have enough fabric for ummm, several blankets, maybe even my own Beach Blanket Production. Watch out Fugasi Street...

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