Saturday, July 25, 2009

Martini anyone?

A friend who has a "wine accessory shop" isn't that a lovely occupation...asked me to make some olives for a corner of her display where she has accoutrements for other libations, like martinis. So here are some pretty cool olives that I fashioned the other day. I told her to post a sign nearby saying they're pretty hard to chew upon, and not nearly as tasty as the much more costly and real Manzanillas. (We know you're never supposed to eat polymer clay!)

As an aside, having 'factice' or dummy merchandise just might be something that marketing-savvy experts could try, in efforts to dissuade those loathesome passersby who "help themselves" to just a little sample of the produce as they shop. Like the lady who snitches one grape, then a cherry, and then heads over to the blueberriesand scoops up a small handful. By the times she's finished shopping, she's ingested an entire fruit cocktail. Methinks that if she were caught she'd be caught...purple handed, to match her dress. Wouldn't you know, if the savvy marketers actually used fakes in their displays, she'd also be the one who would end up breaking a tooth on a freakin' factice. I wonder if a situation like that would ever get to court and if so, what would the outcome be? Sounds like the makings for a good little skit or play for next year's Fringe Festival. HMMM,,, now there's a thought. Of course, I already have the name for la petite pièce...OLIVE ME!

Ah yes, there is an upside to all this ridiculousness. I have made these olive things many times, and finally in my infinite wisdom, remembered to record the recipe so I don't have to conjure it up from scratch all over again.

Post script...I scraped off the tiny little sea-green speck off of the accidentally speckled olive, but next time, think I might make a few that are speckled for real, but with realistically coloured spots!

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