Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sarah N. Dippity

Omagosh! Sometimes things happen just the way you'd like them to happen all the time and of course, there are times when nothing goes right. Well, fortunately, for moi, a couple of things happened just right today as I am in the final stages of preparation for a big event this weekend. Just hope all the other preparations go this well!

I have not been doing any knitting for the last year or so, but when I was in the ironing room, ironing paper for another project, I saw this purse hanging over the East Lake dresser. It needed a bouton. I had previously taken the bouton off for another sale, go figure. Naturally, once removed, {no I'm not talking about a cousin}, I didn't sew another on. Then, as I was going through my boutons for this weekend's show, I espied this one and wondered? would it? could it? And then, when I put it up against the bag, I couldn't believe mes yeux! It was as if someone upstairs was playing with the colour wheel and found the right fibre to match the colours in the little cane in the basement and they came together and danced on the main floor. INCROYABLE!
Oh yes, another wondrous thing happened rather late last evening. Normally, I don't clay after 7 pm, as the light in the 'sub-main-floor', aka poorly lit basement, is just not conducive to working. But I put the Ott light right over the work space on the table, and set up another floor lamp close by and managed to get a few things going, like the animal that I'll post later (when s/he's cured).
I had an aha moment and found a new use for the Klimt canes that were all the rage a while back. They're the canes that come right out of the extruder and you just slice, dice and layer thrice and you get that sheet of awesome integrated colours that are so marvy. I'll be sticking my neck out so I won't say any more about it...It might get the curse and burn or something so I'll wait until later to share my ecstacy with y'all. Or I might go downstairs and see it in a better light today, and it won't be the right colour!

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Violette Laporte said...

That is one incroyable bouton. Superbe!