Friday, July 17, 2009

Victoria Beach Saturday

Oh I am just hoping the weather will be nice tomorrow! For the last three Saturdays, weather has played a very uncooperative role with the Market Sales, and even though I'll be indoors tomorrow, it would be nice to have a pleasant weekend weather-wise. Although I don't usually like the hot hot hot days of summer, we have not had any to speak of this year. And this week, it's been downright cold or windy and yes, rainy too. So, come on Mr. Weatherman, "BE NICE!"

During this cool spell, I've been making some new things--some interesting metal-look pendants and of course lots of buttons. Deciding I needed some summery-shades, I made the tiniest Skinner blend in delicious colours and got scads of buttons from the blend.
Maybe pushing the summer button on the weather channel will help to warm things up!

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Sandra Dobson said...

Hi Pat,

Enjoyed the show usually go once a year since we are at Albert Beach I always tend to bring friends done. Really like your display and had recently bought a outlet and my sister-in-law as well. Hope she likes the new outlet you had redone for her. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing more of your items. I am thinking of a Xmas showing, but I will let you know later.

Sandra Dobson