Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I love a Parade

Happy Canada Day! Today I will be joining the other members of the Medea Gallery outdoors at the Osborne Village Gathering. The weather is looking gorgeous, not too hot, and there will be plenty going on.
The event provides the gallery members with an opportunity to meet the public, and describe their specific works. As well, we'll get a chance to see the other art that will be on display, namely the passers-by. If things are anything like last year, the folks will be dressed in all varieties of garb, sporting maple leaves painted, sewn or stamped; frolicking around the village. As the day will wear on, the spectular 'sights' will become more evident, culminating with the huge fireworks that we plan to take in at Assiniboine Park later on in the evening.
Hope you all will have a wonderful day celebrating the 142nd birthday of our great land!

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