Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's Happening?

Unfortunately, no pictures to post today, as I haven't had the time to take or scan any. That would mean that I'm busy and out and about, right? A couple of times this week and next, I will be demonstrating p0lymer clay at The Forks Market in Winnipeg under the Medea Gallery Banner. The crowd yesterday was rather small but I did see a few familiar faces and some from visitors that have come up for Folklorama and other vacationing frolics.
While I was there, one gal, a seamstress, asked me to make her some buttons while she watched. It was a unique opportunity so I did them just with the small cane I made while she was there. The buttons were pretty hastily made, but they turned out okay. She will have to bake them herself, but it was a fun thing. Maybe I need to have a sign made..."Buttons made while you wait" or something like "Buttons to go-go". In any case, I'm looking forward to demonstrating again today, and to the rest of my busy week...teaching a private class on Thursday and then doing another Art Show at Victoria Beach this weekend in the luxury of an air conditioned venue! It is supposed to be sweltering, so the air will be a welcome addition.
Off to work now....I have orders to fill!

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