Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer, what summer?

Last weekend, we journeyed to Sioux Narrows to participate in their annual arts festival. It was great, with the weather being too windy for folks to go out on the lake, so they ventured to the festival. Of course with my wierd sense of humour, I enjoyed the liberties taken by this would-be sign maker, but hope that one would never actually host a festival for that cause. In any case, the weekend was well attended and we capped it off by taking a little visit to visit family south of there. We enjoyed fabulous weather there and the pups had fun on the pontoon ride. Cap'n Kirby (the Westie) was in charge of spotting all the dogs on the shore, while first mate Penny (the Yorkie) made sure everything was okay on the poop deck. Cruise groupie Molly (the Bichon) played it cool, just soakin' up the rays trying to steal on board every chance she could. Man does that dog love water. Guess it's her heritage. I understand that bichons are distant generations removed from Portuguese water spaniels, and their love for water is second only to their love for humans and little kids. Now that we're back home, it's busy busy as usual. This coming week and next I will be doing polymer clay demo's at the Forks Market under the Medea Gallery banner. I was originally scheduled to do only two, but due to a list minute cancellation by another artist, I opted to fill in. Next Saturday, I will be at Victoria Beach again for their mid-August Northern Lights Art Sale and am looking forward to that.

Problem is...with all those things going on, who has time to make stuff? Guess I had better get off my duff and get to work. Sooner than we know, summer (what summer) will be gone!
Those little books with buttons on the covers are all gone and they go like hotcakes. Down to the dungeon now and make some more!

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