Friday, August 21, 2009

Gettin' it all done by FRIDAY

Friday! Whoosh what a week! It all started in a flurry on Monday when I was trying to get caught up on the dates for all the fall shows and just as I was getting ready to go and do my Demo at the Forks Market, the phone rang. Another date on my calendar in October. We'll be taking the shows on the road to Brandon's Victoria Inn on October 17th where several other presenters and I will be doing all sorts of interesting things! It sounds wonderful, but I'll report on the details later on.

The Forks Demos (on Monday and Wednesday) were pretty fun...There was a huge (well by some standards) number of people gathered around on Monday and they were amazed at what polymer clay could do. Lots of interesting questions and a fun group of multi-ages. Wednesday the crowds were smaller...oh did I mention it was raining yet again that day. The weather! Ugh! But at least we haven't had tornadoes and hurricanes...just not any weather that seems like summer.

Thursday, I was interviewed for the Manitoba Craft Museum and Library's archives. They are doing a series of 20 interviews of people associated with the 'guild'...which it really isn't, but that's what it formerly was called many years ago when I first was introduced to it through my Mom's weaving. The interview lasted 2 1/2 hours...(well we had coffee too,) and the lovely Katie had her video recording for most of the time. (I wonder if I ate all my lipstick off!) I forbade her from visiting the den of iniquity in the basement, and brought all my stuff up to the main floor for her to see me at work. I told her there wouldn't be enough light to photograph in the basement. (Quick thinkin' huh?)

Today, I was finishing off a few pieces for this Saturday's Market. My inventory is so low; I had to take a lot of it to the display at the Forks during their stint there, and I don't know when it will come back or if it will head for the Medea Gallery when they're finished there. So, it meant "make more stuff" or I'll have an empty tent tomorrow. Fortunately I had a number of unfinished pieces left over from Sioux Narrows, so I spent yesterday afternoon and all day today sanding, buffing, stringing, carding and all that necessary stuff to make the things presentable. Now maybe I can relax a bit ... and hope that the weather prediction for NO RAIN THIS WEEKEND actually comes true!

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