Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fabriqué en France

One of my favorite blogs recently asked us to post about a
'fabulous' thrift store find. A few days ago, I found this item in one of my usual 'haunts' where I normally don't shop for clothing. Most of the time I look for nifty little doodads, or whatevers that I can either use as textures for my polymer clay, or inclusions that can spiff the projects up a little. I couldn't resist this t-shirt, oh so Français, that was reminiscent of the t-shirts qu'on porte pendant l'été quand le soleil brille! It's been some time since I have visited France, but these shirts are the kind that all the smart demoiselles were wearing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back then. Some things like t-shirts are ageless, and even though this one may be a decade old (I dunno), I still loved the colors.

The tissus is a bit softer than North American t-shirt fabric, and the neckline is not the traditional ribbing. I even wore it to the market today and so many people asked where I got it. I didn't tell, but just's from France, which is correct, n'est-ce pas?

Speaking about this morning's market, finally we had gorgeous weather and the crowds were there too. It reminds me of the summer a friend and I spent in France. One of our assignments was to go to the market to do a "study" and utiliser le français avec tous les gens du village. It was there that I first learned the custom of the baguette. Needless to say, when I bought my baguette this morning from a neighboring vendor, it was already "bagged" so I didn't have to 'bag it' the way the French men do after a hard day's labor on the way home from work, if you catch my drift... Oh what fun we had making comments about that manner of carrying bread. Bien garni...

Well, I'd better quit this train of thought before I get myself in trouble. Some of my best friends are French and I don't want to sever my relationships with them over a measly loaf of bread...oops I see Marie Antoinette looming in zee distance. I really shouldn't use the word 'sever' and reference Marie Antoinette in the same sentence!

So, let's just say Ça suffit and let it go at that!

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