Monday, July 28, 2014

Truite arc-en-ceil

Preparations for the Sioux Narrows art fair this weekend have kept me hopping and the ovens going into the wee hours the past couple of days. Here is my latest fish hanging in the style of most of my fish--two sided so that hanging them in a patio window allows bith sides to be viewed. This species is quite a bit more flamboyant than most of the fish in this area...maybe he/she'd feel more at home in some Caribbean waters. 
I am also in the process of making some other figures; one that has been studying lines to take a screen test; one a fishmonger complete with wire basket of fish, and the last figure has just what kept Neil Young searching for.  
The heart is suspended and is slightly's encrusted with what I think is pure gold pulver. My dad used to do decorative painting and after he passed, I found this small vial-like bottle of gold pulver amongst his other supplies.  It was a very small vial and it might be composition leaf-powder, but it's more than sixty years old so just maybe it's the real thing. 

I guess one could do an assay to determine if it is.  Or maybe not.  

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