Saturday, August 9, 2014

Busy-ness as usual

Whew!  After having spent some blissfully idyllic days in the coolness of lake country, it was a bit of a shock to return to the heat and humidity of the city. 

The Sioux Narrows Arrs Festival, their 53rd, was wonderful and it was great to see a lot of my cottage country friends from the provinces and the near northern states.  It was also fun to reconnect with lots of my fellow artisans. Even Molly had a chance to see her pal Niko. 

The fall sale season is approaching fast and this year I have some new venues to add to my list. I believe I have one or two more stints at the Kenora Farmers' Market and will cap off August with  the Morden Corn And Apple Festival.  Then in September, I will be heading for Yorkton, a first for me, and then it will be two solid weeks of helping hubby prepare for his "walleye" fundraiser. I'll discuss that a little more as the date approaches. 

In October, I am scheduled for the Holiday Art And Craft Fair in Dryden and the sale at Headingley which I believe is the weekend after Canadian Thanksgiving. In November, I will be at the Beta Sigma Phi sale in Kenora, the Christmas art and craft fair at the CanadInn in Fort Garry, a couple more little shows and the Gala of Gifts sale at the Brandon Art Gallery.  I don't have all the dates at my fingertips, but I will be there, with new "Best Fishes" ornaments and all the usual stuff. I believe I have one or two more shows scheduled in December, but more of that in another post. 
I made this cosmos vase and put a few of the colourful blooms in it. They're blossoming quite nicely and fortunately (for them), they're  too tall for the critters to eat. Much as I love the cute little bunnies in our yard, they have devastated my pansies and violas. They just love to put their front paws on the pots and nibble away at the blossoms. Yesterday I told Bunnyhoney to go away. He/she did briefly, but when I took Molly out a bit later, there he/she was again. Some bunny is gonna get a surprise when I out the containers of violas on a table later on today.  

But now, it's off to the clay table to invent some new inventions for my inventory. 

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