Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Big White-Out

So, it's the first day back at school for most kids all over...Sigh.  For me, it's a work day too, but not in the school of fish!  All my fish are done baking and the rest of my preparations for the Yorkton Sunflower Art Festival are tasks of putting together, sanding, buffing, staining, and other necessary finishing touches to make the work appear 'professional'.  Huh?  Well, maybe semi-pro!

That being said, I spent a while this morning typing up and printing some brochures on the home computer/printer/scanner thingy. 
Unfortunately, I cannot upload the brochure, but here's a little open fairy door just to give you a hint of what no-good I've been up to.
When I made the brochure, I did it on two pages, both landscape settings, and double columns each.  I started at the "end", which was column two of page one, (really the cover) which included a bit about my experience in polymer clay as well as a picture of my hands holding a finished object.  Then I proceeded to the other side of that page, which was actually the fourth page of the brochure.  On that page I wrote about where my art has been published, where it is available and contact information regarding special orders, classes, and related information. 
In the two page interior, I wrote about the nature of polymer clay, techniques, and what type of items I am currently featuring in my repertoire of compositions. For these two pages, I simply began in column one with characteristics about polymer clay and column two reflected the nature of items I make. 
Now, I digress a little.  A while back I mentioned that hubby was hosting a philanthropic fishing derby and he's been uber-busy (and a bit cantankerous) with all the preparations.  Needless to say, I have tried to be of assistance although my free time is very scarce.  For the last three weeks he has been trying to corral all the necessary information regarding sponsors etc. to have the materials like posters, brochures, and registration forms printed up.  A monumental task to say the least...and even after many hours of preparation  and effort, misprints and errors still happened. 
The above frustrating experience directed me to make my own brochures for the upcoming (and future) events in my own "show" cases.  I decided to make and print the brochures myself.  On my little Canon D-I-Y all in one.  I rely on it to print my sales tags, business cards...all the necessary doo-dahs that I include with my sale items.  To my delight and surprise, I had enough ink to print out one brochure, and saved the document to my little USB thingy, in case I need to print it and am not at my home computer. 
Two more things for all you back to schoolers...remember the orientation of the paper when you are printing stuff back to back on two sides of the same sheet.  And finally, save your first best hard copy for reprinting purposes.  On those sheets, mark them with a small dab of white-out.  . That will remind you that it's your "original", you will be able to see it, and the white out won't show up on the reprints. 
Hope this helps someone who is struggling out there. 

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