Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fifty years and counting

I am devoting a good part of this weekend to a project that's been nearly fifty years in the making. On August first, one of my cousins and his wife will be married for fifty years, and although there's not a big hoopla, I decided to make a "book" that will have art pages inside for them to fill as they wish. 

Their daughter sent me a few pictures which I've cropped and had copied, along with the wedding invitation of 1964 that my sister found in a dresser drawer. I have integrated the  whole works to make the cover and then bind it Coptic style. I am miffed that we no longer have our tabletop xerox.  I had to go to the print shop and when I asked for a reverse image the gal made a "negative". Hmmm. But on the second try she got it right and the images transferred well onto the clay. 

Hope to post a photo of the completed book after it's done. 

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