Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday - The Cheeseheads

Well, I know this is not polymer clay, but if I had to make some funny cheeseheads from clay maybe this is what they would have looked like.  Actually, these are funny looking hors-d'oeuvres I am serving today during the Big Game...I am not biased, but just because we have folks who live in Wisconsin, I thought I'd better do up a dish in their favor.  I am going to serve Sloppy Joes at half time and calling them Pitts Burgers (no they haven't been warmed under the arm, lol) so that will make both teams even.

These little cheeseheads were simple to make and I used the leftover cuttings as wel,l just as I use all my leftovers from polymer clay.  None of them go to waste...these will go to waist.  The base for the heads were cut from lavosh bread I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday.  I cut the pointed head shapes from two  large rectangles of lavosh and saved the trimmings.  I heated those trimmings up to make little crackers. 

To cut the cheese rounds, I used the rinsed out can from the olives to make perfect circles out of cheese slices.  I used it as a cutter just like I use circular cutters for my polymer clay.  After slicing up a few black olive for the eyes, a couple of shrimp for noses and some pieces of a red pepper for the mouths, I was done.  I was laughing all the time I was making the little faces and I imagine it would be a cute project for moms to do with their kids for parties.  They do look a little on the gruesome side, but they're still  fun.    I already put them in at 400 degrees (baking not broiling) just to secure the cheese to the bread, and later on they'll just be reheated so I don't have to miss any of the game.

Go Packers Go!

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