Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gone fishin'

Well I've done it!  My first rainbow trout of the year.  I plan to do at least a fish a month and I just made it under the wire for January.  This one is about eight inches in length so is a bit smaller than my usual ones, but I still think it's a keeper.  This time I hammered the wire before I inserted it to give it a little more 'backbone'.  I've also incorporated one of my favourite easy canes into the tail region and used some analogous colours in its construction.  The flip side has similar "Cleopatreyes" but they're outline in Kohl black instead of the Frank Sinatra Blue-Eyes liner.  I didn't want to make the liner so harsh, but since this is somewhat of a caricature of a fish (no pun intended Ms.Katisha), I thought I'd let it go.  As well, I am currently reading a mystery about a Victorian woman who's just embarked on her first Egyptian adventure so I thought it fitting that at least something would tie in with Amelia Peabody's adventures on the Nile.  Regretably, I am reminded of such tumultuous times in Egypt right now. 

I wonder if the Nile has any fish like these?

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